Wild Naturalists Summer Camp for Ages 8-9

Venture out onto the surrounding Rocky Mountain forest with permits through the Indian Peaks Wilderness and Roosevelt National Forest!  Bring your camera and put on your water shoes to discover the water, the woods, and the mud. Try your hand at catch and release, camping and survival skills, and document the fun through creative lenses.   Choose any days of the week!

REGISTER HERE.  Preregistration is required and spaces are limited.

Earth Ninja~June 5-9~  Get camouflaged and sneaky in the forest! Become a silent ninja who lives closely with nature.  Let’s practice predator prey games to enhance your ninja reflexes.  Learn to travel silently and camouflaged and learn the ‘fox’ walk.  What mysteries can you discover?

Art in the Woods~ June 12-16~  Get inspired by the beauty in nature and create your own masterpiece to take home.  Venture out to the forest and capture the beauty using different media and materials.  We will transform the world around us into art pieces to display and take home.

Natural Shelters~June 19-23~  Become one with your environment and build your own habitat.  Create your shelter, observe and contemplate how other animals survive.  Could you survive harsh weather in your shelter?

Savage Ways of the Wild~June 26-30~  How do wild animals survive?  Discover the food chain with Mountain Lions, Deer, Bears, Owls, and Rodents.  How do animals protect themselves from predators and brutal weather? Discover what is living in your own backyard and how they survive in nature.

Water Creatures~ July 5-7~ no camp on July 3rd & 4th  Discover the animals that are creeping through the Rocky Mountain waterways.  Encounter the arthropods, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that make their homes in and around the mountain water.  What will you discover along the rivers, lakes, and streams?

Wild Mountaineers~July 10-14~  John Muir put it simply….”climb the mountains and get good tidings…”We’ll hike the trails discovery our unique ecosystem and the tools we need to navigate it.

Herbal Expressions~July 17-21~  Become a junior herbalist and harvest the many herbs available in the Montane Forest.  Explore their healing properties and create herbal crafts and a guide book to take home!

Bird Brains~July 24-28~  Discover the magnificent beauty of those who take to the sky: from Colorado’s Songbirds, Corvids and Birds of Prey! What songs do you hear in the forest around you?  Can you memorize some of their songs? Discover flight, communication and the unique qualities of these gorgeous creatures.

Mountain Blooms~July 31-August 4~  Why are the flowers different colors?  Why do some smell sweet while others smell bad? Explore the abundance of Rocky Mountain Wildflowers and those who pollinate them! 

Mystery Trek~ August 7-11~  Explore the many mysteries of the forest through games, scavenger hunts and mysterious clues left by the forest plants and animals! Unlock the mysteries of the forest!


LOCATED IN THE MOUNTAINS OF NEDERLAND, COLORADO.  Shuttle is available from Boulder, Colorado.

REGISTER HERE.   Preregistration is required and only with payment.

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