Bear Cubs (ages 3-5) and their adult meet at Wild Bear’s property EVERY WEDNESDAY 10:30-Noon at Mud Lake and engage in hands-on nature discovery! HOW DO I GET TO MUD LAKE?  CLICK HERE.


BIG BUGS ~ June 7~ Let’s look under rocks to see who’s living there and use the nets to capture what is in the air! Let’s use our eyes to look closely!

ROCK HEADS ~ June 14~ Let’s learn about the rocks and go hunting for them all on the trail! Rough, smooth, shiny and colorful rocks!

FROGS & SALAMANDERS ~ June 21~ Who can breathe under water? Listen to the frogs! Find the Mud Lake Tiger Salamanders!

BEAKS AND WINGS ~ June 28~ Soar like a bird and search the skies. Listen to the singing birds and use the binoculars to spot them!

I WANNA BE A TREE! ~ July 5~ Can you reach for the sky like a tree? Find different trees, count their needles and smell their bark!

WATER CREATURES ~ July 12~ Bring your water shoes and find baby crayfish, dragonflies, damselflies and other crazy water creatures!

WORMS AND OTHER SQUIRMIES ~ July 19~ Find the animals that make the yummy soil for plants to grow in!

PAWS AND CLAWS ~ July 26~ Where are all of the animals hiding? Let’s be detectives and find the clues, tracks, scat and more!

MUD LAKE CELEBRATION! ~ August 2~ Let’s celebrate the beauty of Mud Lake with music and crafts to take home! Find the dinosaur egg!

Summer Bear Cubs 2017 Pricing

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