Bear Cubs (ages 3-5) and their adult meet at Wild Bear’s property at Mud Lake. EVERY WEDNESDAY 10:30-12:00 at Mud Lake and engage in hands-on nature discovery! HOW DO I GET TO MUD LAKE?  CLICK HERE.


$15 per family (must be related)

During the summer months, Bear Cubs is a parent/child workshop held on Wild Bear’s property at Mud Lake from 10:30-noon on Wednesdays.  Meet at the Mud Lake parking lot and hike with us to the lake! Venture on trails, sing with us and discover the many plants and animals who live in and around Mud Lake.  Pre-registration is required.

BIG BUGS ~ June 6~ Let’s look under rocks to see who’s living there and use the nets to capture what is in the air! Let’s use our eyes to look closely!

ROCK HEADS ~ June 13~ Let’s learn about the rocks and go hunting for them all on the trail! Rough, smooth, shiny and colorful rocks!

FROGS & SALAMANDERS ~ June 20~ Who can breathe under water? Listen to the frogs! Find the Mud Lake Tiger Salamanders!

BEAKS AND WINGS ~ June 27~ Soar like a bird and search the skies. Listen to the singing birds and use the binoculars to spot them!


I WANNA BE A TREE! ~ July 11~ Can you reach for the sky like a tree? Find different trees, count their needles and smell their bark!

WATER CREATURES ~ July 18~ Bring your water shoes and find baby crayfish, dragonflies, damselflies and other crazy water creatures!

WORMS AND OTHER SQUIRMIES ~ July 25~ Find the animals that make the yummy soil for plants to grow in!

PAWS AND CLAWS ~ August 1~ Where are all of the animals hiding? Let’s be detectives and find the clues, tracks, scat and more!

MUD LAKE CELEBRATION! ~ August 8~ Let’s celebrate the beauty of Mud Lake with music and crafts to take home! Find the dinosaur egg!

Summer Bear Cubs 2018 Pricing

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