Jill Dreves, aka Green Darner
Executive Director
Jill Dreves holds a Master of Science degree in Museum and Field Studies in Museum Administration, a BS in Human Development and Family Studies, and she received her elementary teaching certificate in 1989. Jill taught elementary school for 9 years and was a naturalist with the Vail Nature Center before founding Wild Bear Center in 1995. She enjoys hiking, telemark skiing, creative endeavors, and playing with her two sons, Sam and Charlie, in the outdoors.

Reba Mitchell, Education Coordinator
Reba holds a BS in Environmental Science from Louisiana State University. Reba started at Wild Bear in 2001 as a volunteer and was soon hired in summer 2002 as office manager. She worked as an environmental educator and admin assistant at Wild Bear through summer of 2008. Over the next six years she has worked with various local organizations supporting education toward resource conservation and the urban agriculture farm to table movement. Currently, Reba was hired back to Wild Bear as the Education Coordinator.

Melissa Freeman, Administrative Assistant
Melissa holds a MS in Information Science from the University of North Texas.  She became involved with Wild Bear through volunteering with the Wild Awakening event.  She is enthusiastic about promoting outdoor activities and environmental stewardship.  Melissa enjoys hiking, snowboarding, learning, making art, and being outside as much as possible.

Jordan Morrow, aka Juniper
Jordan Morrow was one of our original Wild Bears when he was 8 years old! Now, he is working on his teaching degree and has been an intern/instructor with Wild Bear since 2009. Jordan leads and assists in Wild Bear’s after school program as well as the “Afternoons in Garden” workshops during the summer. Once a Wild Bear, always a Wild Bear!

Debora Martin, aka Sleeper Bear
Debora leads our Nederbugs workshops for 5-6 year olds and NCAR Fridays workshops for 5-8 year olds during the summer months. She loves the outdoors and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with children. She has been with BVSD as an Early Childhood Educator since 1995, a Volunteer Naturalist with the City of Boulder OSMP since 2007, and has been a Volunteer with the Division of Wildlife since 2006. “As a long time Educator and Interpreter, I’ve learned that an early appreciation of nature grows into a life of affection and respect. I believe children should use their senses and imagination when learning about the wondrous world around us. Wild Bear lets me use my experience to give children a great foundation on which they can build their own desire to explore and find joy in the outdoors.”


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