NCAR Fridays


NCAR FRIDAYS!  EVERY FRIDAY! Pick one day or all to connect with nature in the foothills of Boulder.

DROP OFF:  at 8:30am the “drop off” at NCAR Mesa Lab parking lot (1850 Table Mesa Drive Boulder, CO 80305)

PICK UP:  3:30 at the same spot!

REGISTER HERE.  Preregistration is required and spaces are limited.

Busy Beavers~ June 9~ Slap!  That’s what the Beaver’s tail does to warn predators.  Let’s meet the beaver and other animals that build their homes in water.  Can you build like these animals in the wild?

Water Creatures~ June 16~ Discover the animals that are creeping through the Rocky Mountain waterways.  Encounter the arthropods, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that make their homes in and around the mountain water.  What will you discover along the rivers, lakes, and streams?

 Animal Musicians~ June 23~ Did you know that wild animals make a lot of music? From buzzing bees, chirping crickets, singing birds or coyote howls, do you know what they are saying? Discover nature’s tunes!

Icky Sticky Wacky Tacky~ June 30~ Discover the ooey gooey, smelly and tasty qualities of the natural world.  From honey to tree sap to the goo on Gum Weed, worms and slugs!  Discover the slime!

Wild Wind Crafts~ July 7~  Feel the breeze!  What makes the wind blow?  Discover the wonders of the air and create flying birds, planes, windsocks and pinwheels.  Create your own unique wind toys to take home!

Magic Mountain Mystery~ July 14~ Explore the many mysteries of the forest through games, scavenger hunts and mysterious clues left by the forest plants and animals! Unlock the mysteries of the forest!

Wild Green Safari~ July 21~ Become a junior Botanist and discover the wild and wooly plants on the trails.  Create your own wildflower identification guide to take home!

Dirt Dwellers~ July 28~ Get Dirty exploring the world below our feet and the animals that dwell there.  From Earthworms to Ground Beetles and Millipedes, discover life underground!

Insect Detectives~ August 4~ Become an entomologist and discover the wild insect world.  Find the Praying Mantis, the Tiger Swallowtails and Dragonflies!   sweep your net through the grass, and look under the rocks!  Create your own insect guide to take home.

Animal Ninja~ August 11~ Sneaky animals!  Become a Ninja spy and camouflage yourself to discover the mysterious ways wild animals protect themselves.  Some move about the forest in silence and unless you are a sneaky spy, you may never see them!  Use your own ninja skills to track and trace these hidden creatures.


REGISTER HERE.  Preregistration is required and spaces are limited.

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