Nature Camps on No School Days



For children ages 5-12

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November 12 Ancient tools and toys: Jump back in time with Wild Bear as we explore the ways in which we used natural materials hundreds of years ago… for work and also fun! We will create baskets, bowls from clay, and more with nature in mind. We will then switch gears and explore our artistic playful selves by crafting native toys. Weather permitting, we will go outside to try our hand at archery, an important tool of ancient times.

November 19 Bountiful Bison: Do you know what a Bison is? This large beautiful mammal roamed Boulder County’s plains. What if I told you there used to be 60 million Bison in North America?! Let’s celebrate the Bison through art, stories and Native American folklore. to European hunting and finally modern day conservation success story. Let’s create the buffalo mask and learn the Buffalo dance in celebration of this magnificent animal. Don’t miss this exciting day with a chance to catch a live glimpse of one of the Bison’s distant relatives right here in Nederland!

November 20. Indigenous Wisdom: “Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” Unknown Native American. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to mother earth and understand all of its gifts. Native American wisdom is what we celebrate today! We’ll create a native feast fit for Wild Bears! Create corn husk dolls and enjoy indigenous stories to make us wiser.



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Click here for shuttle service from Boulder.

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Future dates; Dec 27, 28, Jan 2, 3, 4 & 21, Feb 18, March 25-29, April 12 & 15. Bulk Rates. Shuttle Service will be provided.  

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