Nature Workshops on No School Days

Nature Workshops on No School Days, 8am-4pm Ages 5-12 

$65/day in advance
Join Wild Bear for special nature workshops when school is not in session! These fun workshops include snowshoeing, mountain ecology, hands on science, and visits from special guests!

Friday, November 10th’s theme is Wildlife’s Ways of Winter Survival. We will learn about what animals live in our area and how they survive in the winter, what they eat in winter, and whether or not they hibernate or migrate.

Activities will include: building a winter habitat (such as a cave, tree hole, or a hole under a rock. We will play-act winter survival scenarios be creating a fantasy world in which the child becomes the animal. We will read and write winter stories about hibernating, migrating and adapting. We will play a game about above ground vs below ground hibernation and make a marshmallow toothpick igloo.

Monday, November 20th’s theme is Native People’s Stories, Games & Plants.  We will learn about local tribes and languages, the games that the children play, the stories they tell, the plants they use for medicine and eating, and how they survive the winter & live in relationship with the land.  

Activities will include: learning native words for animals and colors, playing children’s games, doing rock picture storytelling, reading and acting out stories, and studying stone tools. 

Longer format descriptions be announced shortly for the upcoming dates: 

11/21 Homestead Crafts

11/22 Homemade Health

Wednesday, 12/27 Snow Sculptures & Snow Art~Embrace this winter season and join us on a snowshoe trek at Mud Lake.  We will get to explore our creativity creating snow sculptures, painting, and art.  Get warm after and share stories of our adventures of the day.

Thursday, 12/28 Those who stay…Many animals withstand the harsh winter.  Learn about the adaptations and lifestyles that make this possible.  Special guest biologist Amy will join us to do a presentation on the mammals that live in the foothills, the prairie dogs!  AND, enjoy a special presentation from Nature’s Educators with LIVE owls from 2:30-3:30!

Tuesday, 1/2 Handcrafting~Get your creative juices going and join us for a day of hand crafting.  Our creations will include a taste of nature along with other reuse materials to satisfy our eco friendly ways.

Wednesday, 1/3 Crystals, Snow & Ice~Let’s explore the amazing world of crystals!  As ephemeral as a snow crystal to withstanding time in a rock, how are they different, how are they alike?  Watch the beauty unfold…..

Thursday, 1/4 Winter Dogs~Explore the wild canines that roam the mountains, learn how to be a pack animal and get your howls on.  How are our canine pets related to the wolf and coyote?  Learn about the special senses passed down from the wild that makes dogs perfect for search and rescue.

Registration is open for all of the above dates. 

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