Mountain Rangers Summer Camp for Ages 6-7

MountainRANGERS ~ for ages 6-7   

Mountain Rangers take a school bus from Wild Bear to Mud Lake on Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Thursdays to explore this magical place and integrate the arts into their discoveries.  On Mondays and Fridays this program is based out of the nature center and surrounding area to discover the reservoir, frog ponds and our own community gardens.


Fossils, Rocks, Dinos~ June 4-8~ Rocks can tell us stories of the animals that lived long ago. Become a paleontologist and discover the dinosaurs and other ancient animals!

 Howls & Growls~June 11-15~ Follow the tracks and traces of our local wildlife as you learn about the habits of the animal world. Search for predators and prey, learn how animals protect themselves and create a field guide to take home.

Wood Fairies & Forest Gnomes~ June 18-22~Build houses for our magical friends! Learn about how creatures, magical and wild, adapt and survive in the forest. Use your imagination in the woods and discover the many treasures there are to be found.

Aerodynamic Adventures~ June 25-29~Take flight! Study those who fly: the birds, dragonflies, butterflies, and bats. Replicate their skills and reach the sky with airplanes, kites and wind socks.

Amazing Birds of Prey~ July 2,3,5,6~ (No Programs Wednesday, July 4th) Look at the sky, what do you see? An abundance of flying creatures! Meet the raptors up close and discover what makes these birds unique. Dissect an owl pellet, observe real talons, and practice spotting and identifying these amazing creatures outside. 

Kingdom Plantae~ July 9-13~Discover the world of Botany as the plants bloom in the high country! Investigate the wildflowers, trees, shrubs other useful plants. Capture these beautiful plants through sketching, painting, and creating.

Water Creatures~ July 16-20~What creatures are trekking though the waterways of the Rocky Mountain? Find the high alpine frogs, snakes, arthropods, and mammals that make their home in or near the mountain water! Create a Water Creature Journal to document these amazing animals.

Insectomania~ July 23-27~Discover the amazing world of Hymenoptera! Understand the social insects and the ones that work alone. Learn a bee dance, observe an ant farm, and find out how important bees and pollinators are to our planet!

Prehistoric Pottery~ July 30-August 3~Come and get your hands dirty with clay. Listen to the stories of those that lived before, try your hand at primitive skills and create your own artifacts to take home!

Swirls, Curls, & Symmetry~ August 6-10~Look closely at the patterns in the natural world…spider webs, beehives, leaf veins, and clouds! Express these beautiful patterns with art projects.


PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  Spaces are reserved only with payment.

Coming from Boulder!  Sign up for our shuttle from Boulder to Ned and back!

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