Mountain Rangers Summer Camp for Ages 6-7

MountainRANGERS ~ for ages 6-7   

Mountain Rangers take a school bus from Wild Bear to Mud Lake to explore this magical place and integrate the arts into their discoveries.

Monday-Friday 8am-4pm… Register Now!  CHOOSE ANY DAYS OF THE WEEK!

Crawling and Flying Creatures~ June 5-9~ Look on the ground and look to the sky!  Find those amazing creatures who soar through the air butterflies, birds, raptors, bats and more!  Lift rocks, search the water and find the ground dwellers, the Salamander nymphs, snakes and roly polies!  Make a field guide of all you find!

Icky Sticky Wacky Tacky~ June 12-16~ Discover the ooey gooey, smelly and tasty qualities of the natural world.  From honey to tree sap to the goo on Gum Weed, worms and slugs!  Discover the slime!

Busy Beavers~ June 19-23~ Slap!  That’s what the Beaver’s tail does to warn predators.  Let’s meet the beaver and other animals that build their homes in water.  Can you build like these animals in the wild?

Eco-Crafters~ June 26-30~ Crafting with the Earth in mind!  Use your most creative and inventive techniques to craft with earth friendly materials: clay, recycled materials, natural fibers and more.  What makes a material earth friendly?  Bring your creative projects home to share with family and friends!

Animal Musicians~ July 5-7~ no camp on July 3rd & 4th Did you know that wild animals make a lot of music? From buzzing bees, chirping crickets, singing birds or coyote howls, do you know what they are saying? Discover nature’s tunes and try to speak their languages!

Sprouts~ July 10-14~ Where do plants come from? Dissect flowers to find seeds, germinate and plant in your backyard!  Explore the creatures that help plants grow: worms and other critters in the earth.  Discover the plants sprouting all around us and take home your own mini-garden!

Insect Detectives~ July 17-21~ Become an entomologist and discover the wild insect world. Set traps and sweep your net through the grass, and look under the rocks!  Remember to be gentle, look closely and release back to their happy homes! Create your own insect guide to take home.

Aquatic Adventures~ July 24-28~ The earth is 70% water and so are you!  Discover the mystery of life on Earth on an aquatic adventure to ponds, creeks, rivers, and lakes. Bring your water shoes to carefully explore!

Wild Wind Crafts~ July 31-August 4~ Feel the breeze!  What makes the wind blow?  Discover the wonders of the air and create flying birds, planes, windsocks and pinwheels, your very own unique wind toys to take home!

Magic Mountain Mystery~ August 7-11~ Explore the many mysteries of the forest through games, scavenger hunts and mysterious clues left by the forest plants and animals! Unlock the mysteries of the forest!

PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  Spaces are reserved only with payment.

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