What makes Wild Bear different than other camps?
What kind of training do instructors have?
What are the summer programs you offer?
Where do I pick up and drop off my child?
Where will my child go during their day at camp?
What does my child need for camp?
What paperwork do I need to return prior to camp?
What are your payment options?
What are your registration policies?
Who do I contact with further information regarding registration, enrollment, and changes in schedule?


What makes Wild Bear different than other camps?
Wild Bear programs not only provide environmental education to people of all ages, they also provide an educational venue during times when children are not in school. Wild Bear bases all learning experiences on the Constructivist Learning Theory. This honors background experiences and provides discovery learning opportunities. Children are always given the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. One of the most important goals of our curriculum is to encourage students to become lifelong learners, discovering the amazing wonders of nature. We strive to foster independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners, instilling an intrinsic love for learning.
Wild Bear forms curriculum around the following styles of learning:
*Linguistic: reading, writing, telling stories
*Logical/Mathematical: experiments, problem solving, reasoning/logic
*Spatial: drawing, building, designing, puzzles, using their imagination
*Musical: singing, instruments, sounds, rhythm
*Kinesthetic: moving around, games, dance, sports, body language
*Interpersonal: group/teamwork, communicating, sharing, cooperating
*Intrapersonal: journaling individual work, working in an independent self-paced instruction.
*Naturalistic: discriminate among living things as well as sensitivity to natural world features.

Developing an understanding of science makes it possible for people to share in the richness and excitement of comprehending the natural world. A sound foundation in science strengthens many of the skills that successful people use every day, such as creative problem solving strategies, critical thinking, and cooperative problem solving, and valuing life-long learning.

What kind of training do instructors have?

We believe strongly in positive, enthusiastic, experienced role models for your children. The members of our teaching staff bring higher education degrees and rich experiences to Wild Bear. Our staff holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Environmental Science, Art, Environmental Conservation and Museum and Field Studies. All Staff are annually certified in both CPR and First Aid and all Wild Bear staff are required to receive background checks before they are allowed to work with children.

Instructors are responsible for creating a program curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the program audience (children, teens, adults, families). Instructors attend weekly and monthly staff meetings, have established weekly planning times and are encouraged to attend professional development courses throughout the year to learn new curriculum and teaching strategies. Prior to the summer program, the summer staff participates in a full week of training and orientation in order to understand behavioral management policies and work as a team to create a well-rounded program for your child.

Wild Bear staff is available to share information concerning your child on a daily basis. Parent conferences are not found to be a necessity at Wild Bear, however conferences may be arranged at any time. We welcome your input, as you are the foremost expert about your child’s needs.
What are the summer programs you offer?

Bear Cubs (ages 3-5, accompanied with an adult)Wednesday’s 10:30-noon at Mud Lake
NederRangers (ages 5-6) M-F
MountainRangers(ages 6-7) M-F
Wild Naturalists(ages 8-9) M-F
10+ up to age 15 T-TH
NCAR Fridays (6-8) Fridays

Where do I pick up and drop off my child?

Nederland Drop off 8-9am Pick up 3:30-4pm
20 Lakeview Dr Unit 107, next to the Carousel of Happiness and Police Station

Boulder Shuttle Drop off 7:45am 1st and Canyon Pick up 4:00pm 6th and Canyon, map here

NCAR Drop off 8:30am Pick up 3:30pm, map here

Bear Cubs meet at Mud Lake parking lot 10:30am-12pm, map here

Where will my child go during their day at camp?

Bear Cubs have class outdoors at Mud Lake
NederRangers & Mountian Rangers take a bvsd school bus to Mud Lake
Wild Naturalists utilize a 15 passenger van to trailheads throughout the Indian Peaks & James Peak Wilderness areas as well as our property and Boulder County Open Space at Mud Lake.
10+ utilize a(?acre) private ranch off Magnolia road
NCAR Fridays explore on site and surrounding trails of NCAR and the foothills

What does my child need for camp?

Participants enjoy a rich variety of scientific studies such as Entomology, Ornithology, Hydrology, etc. supplemented with guest scientists and hands on activities. Children should come prepared each day for an active outdoor experience. Each day students should bring lunch, snacks, backpack, plenty of water, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, rain gear, sunglasses… and a positive attitude.

What paperwork do I need to return prior to camp?

Before your child’s first day at Wild Bear we must receive the following completed forms:
Parent Contract /Policies, Intake Form, Authorization Form, Health Form, Copy of Immunization records signed by your child’s physician, Form indicating that you have read the parent handbook, Medication Forms (if applicable), Media Release. Intake Packet

What are your payment options?

You must pay in full to receive % off tuition discounts.
We do offer payment plans. Contact the registrar to discuss options, registrar@wildbear.org
Scholarships are available. Contact the registrar to discuss options, registrar@wildbear.org
Wild Bear accepts CCAP in Gilpin & Boulder Counties

What are your registration policies?
Wild Bear accepts cash, check, Visa/Mastercard/Discover. Your child will be added to lists ONLY with full payment or a signed payment plan contract. To receive discounts, FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY DISCOUNT DEADLINE.
Wild Bear provides payment plan, scholarships and is a CCAP provider.
If you fill out registration online, Wild Bear will contact you with your total registration payment and to discuss payment options.
CANCELLATION POLICY: Fees will be refunded if cancellation is made THREE (3) weeks prior to the program. In all cases a 10% administrative fee will be retained.
In the event that a class is full, your child’s name may be added to a waiting list and you will be notified promptly if space becomes available.
When I need to make a SCHEDULE CHANGES I will be charged $5/each day changed.
I must completely fill out the INTAKE packet at least TWO (2) weeks prior to the beginning of my child’s program. I understand that Wild Bear will charge $5/day beyond this 2 week deadline.
I must disclose on the intake packet any behavioral or physical challenges that Wild Bear should be made aware of in order to provide a positive experience for my child.
Wild Bear programs end at specific times (see above). Wild Bear will charge $1 for each minute I am late to pick up my child. When allowing others to pick up, I understand I MUST give Wild Bear permission to release my child to that individual. New people picking up must be prepared to show a picture ID.

Who do I contact with further information regarding registration, enrollment, and changes in schedule?

Melissa Freeman
Administrative Assistant

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