Bear Cubs: Ages 3-5

School Year Bear Cubs (August-May):
Drop off your 3-5 year old at Wild Bear Nature Center for this weekly nature workshop. Classes are hands-on, nature based, and always fun! Bring a snack for story-time, and join us on Wednesdays throughout the season (we follow all holiday and bvsd school days off). Ask us for the Bear Cubs weekly theme!
Wednesday 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. (starting 8/23/17)
• $15 per child in advance/$20 day of
• $13/day if sign up for 10 or more workshops
• Pack a Healthy Snack for Snack and Story time
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Water Creatures, Aug 23 What creatures are trekking through the waterways of the Rocky Mountains?  Discover the high alpine frogs, snakes, arthropods and mammals that live in or near the mountain water.

Bird Brains, Aug 30 The Broad-tailed Hummingbirds and packing up and getting ready to head south as are so many other seasonal birds!  Let’s learn more about them and their upcoming journey.

Howls and Growls!  Sept 6 Play Predator and Prey and follow the tracks and traces of our local wildlife.  Become a Wildlife Ranger and make a field guide of who we should be looking for in the forest!

Seed Rangers, Sept 13 So many plants have gone to seed!  Let’s collect, dissect, germinate and create seed art!  Can you get some of these plants to grow over the winter?

Fairies, Gnomes & other Magical Creatures, Sept 20 Go on a mystery Trek and find the mysterious creatures of the forest!  Identify mushrooms!  Create special fairy houses and gardens to take home!

Mountains, Rocks and Gold, Sept 27 Join us on a Rocky Mountain Rock hunt!  Make your own rock collection and learn about the history of rocks in the Nederland area!

Tree Rangers, Oct 4 Let’s go leaf collecting!  Find the gorgeous colors of fall, the deciduous plants and discover the coniferous trees too!  Make Pinecone critters and beautiful leaf art to display in your window at home!

Pumpkin Science! Oct 11 Pumpkins and squash are believed to have originated in the ancient Americas!  They are 90% water and so slimy! Can you predict how many seeds are in these pumpkins? Plant a seed, paint with slime and learn from the seasonal harvest “melon”.  

Wild Crafting! Oct 18 Let’s create some of the crafts of the season:  Rose Hip, Kinnick Kinnick creations, corn husk dolls and other crafts of the season!

Bats and other Nocturnal Creatures, Oct 25 Eco location, night time vision and other amazing qualities of the nocturnal creatures in our backyard!  Let’s study them.

Hibernators and Migrators, Nov 1 Winter is coming, what is an animal to do?  Let’s take a closer look at the special skills necessary for an animal to stay or go!

Primitive Skills, Nov 8- Discover the deep connection and respect our ancestors had with the Earth.  Shelter, fire, water, and food are necessary for all living things.  Learn how far we have come from the way we once lived.

Prehistoric Pottery, Nov 15 Explore the timeless art of creating pottery from ancient forms passed on to modern day techniques.  Try your hand at your own clay creations!  Discover the Native culture of Colorado.

Winter Birds, Nov 29 Who flies there?  Meet our feathered friends who remain during the winter snow.

Hot and Cold Science, Dec 6 Explore weather with cool experiments that will bring out the scientist in you and help develop a better understanding of our earth.

Herbal Crafts, Dec 13 As the season changes, let’s find the plants in nature that can help comfort us!  Create soothing crafts such as herbal eye pillows, bath salts and rice healing socks!

Winter Solstice,  Dec 20  Winter Solstice is the time to celebrate the coming of the light!  As we approach the darkest day of the year, make candles and make a wish for good tidings in the coming year.

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